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Best Cars for Teens suggests the car makes/models best suited for teen drivers..

Car Lease Under $200 provides a current list of special lease deals with the lowest monthly payment..

Luxury Car Leasing explains how leasing makes luxury cars more affordable and how luxury car leasing is different.

Lease vs Buy explains how to determine if leasing or buying is best for you.

Bad Credit Car Leasing - explains how bad credit affects your abiility to lease a car..


Take Over Car Leases
Get lease bargains from people desperate to get out of their car leases. Cash incentives, no down payment, low payments.

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Compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies. It's fast and it's free. Best rates.

TrueCar Car Prices
Free price quotes for any new vehicle make and model. Guaranteed savings. Lease or buy.

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See your most recent credit score free online with a simple enrollment. A valuable service.

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"... With all the information that I gathered from your web site I was able to save close to $5,000 over a 39 month term. This is not from the sticker price but from the best offer that the 2 dealers that I worked with, gave me! When they realized that I knew how to work the numbers ...

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Lease GuideMarch 27, 2014 - Auto leasing has become very popular in the last few years as car buyers have become challenged to find affordable automobile financing alternatives in the current economy.

Yet, many of those people who are considering leasing don't know how it actually works, or how to determine if it's right for them, which can lead to serious mistakes. Some people who are now leasing are paying too much because they didn't know the difference between a good and bad deal. Other people who would benefit from leasing are staying away because they don't understand it or have misconceptions about it.

Lease KitLeaseGuide.com tells you how car leases really work, how to lease the smart way, who should lease (and who should not), what to watch out for, how to find monthly lease payments, and how to get the best lease deals. We can help you calculate payments and evaluate any car lease offer, telling you whether it's a good deal or not.

About LeaseGuide

LeaseGuide.com is an online guide to intelligent car leasing. It has provided high-quality car leasing information, expert advice, and online lease calculators to millions of automotive consumers since 1995. It is brought to you by automotive expert, consumer advisor, and The Lease Guide author, Al Hearn. More About Us >>

What You Get at LeaseGuide.com:

Car Leasing Guide A complete online guide to car leasing; everything you need to know, simply explained, with plenty of examples and tips
Lease Payment Calculator Calculate car lease payments and total costs, including taxes with this user-friendly online lease calculator
Lease vs. Buy Calculator Compare leasing versus buying — payments and all costs with this unique, easy to use calculator
Lease Deal Calculator Determine whether a car lease deal is good or bad from dealer offers and ads. Compare different leases to find the best.
The Lease Kit Leasing tool kit: lease calculators, lease-end guide, vehicle ratings, sample contract, checklists, payment tables, worksheets, and more
Lease Resources Additional leasing resources, information, and web sites for car leasing consumers
Frequent Questions Common car leasing questions, with all the right answers and explanations

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Exclusive articles for automotive consumers - leasing, loans, credit, insurance, used cars, cars for teens, and more

ShortNotes and Tips

Short articles with additional tips about prepaid leases, car scams, lease transfers, off-lease cars, and more
Glossary of Terms Comprehensive index of automotive terms and definitions, particularly related to leasing

Best Lease Prices? Get a Free Quote

When you read The Lease Guide, you'll discover that a car's price is the most important factor in getting low monthly payments, regardless of whether you lease or buy. But haggling over prices with dealers can be stressful and most people hate it.

LeaseGuide.com recommends the following Online Pricing Services who have already worked out low prices with dealers in your area. Just specify the vehicle you want and they'll get you a fast, free car quote, no strings attached —— TrueCar is our top recommendation —— But don't stop there. Also get prices from Edmunds, and InvoiceDealers . Compare all the deals, and pick the best one. We also recommend CarsDirect, an Online Buying Service that not only has low prices but also takes care of all the paperwork, whether you want to purchase or lease.


Best Car Lease Deals 2014

Many great lease deals are being offered right now. As car leasing continues to grow in popularity, car manufacturers are fueling the growth with special promotional lease deals that are genuine good deals as determined by LeaseGuide.com. These deals have low monthly payments, with over 50 deals at less than $200/month, and are being offered on a wide variety of vehicle makes, models, and styles. We tell you where to find the Best Lease Deals for 2014.

Recent Posts on Our Best Car Deals Web Site

Best Car Leases Under $200

Residual Value - Why It's Important in Leasing

Guaranteed Car Pricing - No Haggling Needed

Lease Deal Calculator - Good Deal or Bad Deal ?

lease calculatorUse our free Lease Deal Calculator to help you determine how good — or bad — a car lease deal is. Are Honda's new lease deals better than Toyota's? Is that advertised Nissan lease worth considering? Can I do better than my dealer's BMW lease offer? Did I get a good deal on the lease I just signed? Rate and rank any lease deal. Compare two or more leases.

car lease tipsLease or Buy? That is the Question

Almost everyone who has thought of car leasing wants to know if they would be better to lease or to buy. The fact is that one way will nearly always be significantly better than the other in any particular situation. Therefore, it is important that you understand both methods and how to determine which is best for your own situation. Our article, Lease vs Buy, Which is Better?, is your starting point. Also see Lease vs Buy Calculator and Lease vs Buy - The Real Math.

Leasing Pros and Cons

Leasing has both advantages and disadvantages, which means it works well for some people but not for others. It's not sufficient to simply look at the lower monthly payments that leasing offers. Leasing's benefits make it the perfect answer for those who are less affected by any possible drawbacks. But for those for whom the disadantages outweigh the advantages, leasing would be a mistake. For more details see our article, Car Lease Pros and Cons.

Car Lease Calculator - Calculate Lease Payments

lease calculatorUse our full-function Car Lease Calculator to quickly calculate your monthly car lease payment and total leasing costs. Plug in your numbers and see the result. ——— Just be aware that simply knowing your lease payment doesn't tell you if it is a good deal or not. Only the Lease Evaluator in our Lease Kit can do that. ——— Also see our Lease Calculator for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Lease or Buy - How Much Should I Pay for My Car?

best car pricesA relatively new company, TrueCar, shows you exactly what you should pay for any new car from dealers in your area — based on what other people are paying -- for the same car. They show you the dealer invoice price, sticker price, and the average price being paid by other buyers /leasers — and give you a guaranteed price from a dealer in your area.

It's a free service that is unique and could easily change the way we buy and lease new cars. For more details, see our article, What Should I Pay for My Car.

Car Lease Residual Values - Important

Residual value is one of the most important factors in car leasing, yet it is the factor that is least understood by leasing consumers. Why is residual value important? How are residuals determined? Who sets residual values? Are they negotiable? Find out by reading our article, Car Lease Residual Values.

Car Leases for Less Than $200 a Month

Auto makers frequently offer special limited-time lease deals on selected car makes and models for less than $200/month payment. These are genuinely good deals and are well worth considering for people looking for an affordable way to drive a new car. See Best Car Lease Deals - Less Than $200 a Month for more details.

What's a Good Lease Deal? How Do You Know?

Even though payments may seem very low on lease deals you're considering – much lower than buying with a loan – how do you know if it's actually a good deal? Are your payments higher than what other people are paying? The Lease Evaluator in our Car Lease Kit can tell you instantly. It enables you to specify a vehicle make/model and then see the best-case, and worst-case, monthly lease payment for that vehicle. See this article for some real examples.

Best Lease Deals - How? Where?

Do you know that the best car lease deals do not require any negotiation or haggling with a dealer? Do you know how to get the best car lease deals? Do you know where the best lease deals can be found? The following article will give you the answers you need: How to Get the Best Car Lease Deals.

Get Out of Your Lease Early. How?

Have someone else take over your lease is a good way to do it. It's the easiest and the lowest cost method (no penalty fees). There are a few specialized companies who will list your car, find a "buyer", and take care of the details for you — for a small fee. We especially like Swapalease, the long-time respected leader in online car lease transfers. As easy as this method might seem, it doesn't work for everyone. The Lease Termination Guide in our Lease Kit explains all your other options.

Does Your Car Lease End Soon? Be Careful - Make the Right Decision

One of our readers told us that she really disliked her leased sedan and so, at the end of her lease, she simply returned it to the lease company and walked away. What's the problem? She found out later that she could have bought the vehicle from the lease company for her contract lease-end purchase price, which was less than market value, and could have sold it for a $6000 profit. —— The point is this: it's very important to examine ALL your lease-end options before you make a rush decision. See our Lease-End Considerations page for more details.

Car Lease Ads - What's the Story? Good Deals or Not?

bmw leaseYou've seen those attractive car lease advertisements in the newspaper and on TV. They advertise low monthly payments and imply that these are "special" deals. Are they special? Are the payments really good deals or not? What does the fine print mean? What are they not telling you? Is there a catch? See our revealing article, Understanding Car Lease Ads, and learn how to evaluate such deals. Once you understand how the ads work, you can evaluate any advertised lease deal with our Lease Deal Calculator.

Best Car Deals in Current Economy

Car manufacturers are currently offering generous rebates, discounts, low APR loans, and special lease deals to help boost sales in the current economy. Be sure to get free price quotes from TrueCar or Edmunds, which will include any available incentives on the make and model. See Best Car Deals for details on special promotional incentives and rebate information. ——— However, as both leases and loans become more expensive, leasing will continue to be the lowest-cost financing alternative, even when compared to 0% loans. ——— If you are having credit problems read our article, Bad Credit Car Loans and Leases. —— If you are having problems making your current car loan or lease payments, read our article, Can't Afford Your Car? ——— Also consider a Car Lease Takeover from someone who already got a great lease deal, and now wants out. Get low payments, no down payment, and even cash incentives from desperate sellers. It is currently the best way to drive a late model car at lowest possible cost.

Don't Be a "Payment Buyer" When You Lease or Buy

Dealers love "payment buyers." These are customers who only look at monthly payment amounts when they buy or lease. Unfortunately, this isn't a good way to shop, especially when you lease. You can be offered what appears to be a great deal and find out that you significantly overpaid. Read our Payment Buyer article to see some real examples and learn more.

Lease Takeover - No Money Down - Cash Back

It's possible to lease a practically new car, with no money down, for a short term (1-4 years), by simply taking over the payments from someone who wants out of their lease early. Real bargains are available since "sellers" are often desperate and offer cash incentives. We recently examined a list of lease-takeover vehicles at Swapalease and found many late model vehicles for under $200 a month! Luxury cars for less than $400! For more, read our article, Short Term Leasing.

Car Leasing and Auto Insurance

Did you know that leasing may require a higher level of insurance coverage than you are carrying now? It's true, and it catches many people off guard. But it's easily possible to reduce your rates for more coverage so that it doesn't become an added cost. This makes understanding insurance even more important than ever when leasing. See our articles, Car Insurance and Leasing and Cheap Car Insurance, for more details. ——— Even if you aren't leasing, knowing how to Find the Best Auto Insurance Company is important to getting the best rates. ——— If you are a older driver, over 50 years old, you should read Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers for some great advice and money-saving tips.

Your Credit Score Makes a BIG Difference

When you lease or buy a car, the dealer and his finance company check your credit score. Your score determines what interest rate (lease money factor) you'll pay, or if you'll be approved at all. Each credit bureau can have a different score for you — you need to know them all. You can get all 3 bureau reports and 3 credit scores with a $1 seven day trial online with an enrollment in CreditReport.com. Scores above 700 get you the best rates. Below about 640, you're in trouble.Your score also affects your car insurance rates (see Car Insurance and Your Credit Score), your ability to get a mortgage, or even your ability to get a job. Credit history reports are now free to most consumers in the U.S., but credit scores are not. For more details, see Credit Score - How It Affects Car Buying and Leasing.

About to Lease?  Already Leased?  How Good is Your Deal?

So you're about to sign or have already signed your lease contract. Did you get a good deal? What interest rate did you actually pay (you won't find it in your contract)? How much was your bank fee ( not shown in most contracts)? What does that mumbo-jumbo in your contract really mean? The Car Lease Kit contains a fully-explained lease contract form and contract checklist, and a special Lease Inspector calculator that will completely analyze all figures in your lease deal and tell you where you did well, or not so well — and whether there were mistakes in the dealer's calculations.

Zero $0 Down Car Leases - Really?

Yes, in fact most car leases can be structured with zero down payment, except for possibly some special promotional lease deals being offered by car manufacturers where a down payment might be required to get the special deal. But there's a difference between "zero down payment" and "zero cash due at lease signing." Learn the difference in our article, Lease a Car With No Down Payment.

High-Mileage Car Leases - Mileage Overage Fees

Is it smart to lease a car when you need more miles than the standard 15K miles per year? Maybe, but you should understand how it works, what it costs, the advantages,and the possible disadvantages. See our article, Extended Miles Car Leases. Or, if you are exceeding your mileage allowance in your current lease, you may want to read our article Over Mileage Car Lease for tips and advice on how to reduce or eliminate overage charges.

Single Payment Car Leasing — Pre-Paid Lease

Pre-pay your car lease with a single up-front payment and avoid monthly payments. How does it work and is it a smart thing to do? Do you avoid interest charges and save money? Get the answers in our article, Pre-Paid Car Leases.

Best Cars for Teenagers

In our article, Best Cars for Teens, we discuss how to select the right cars for young drivers. Which are most economical, safer, and practical? Which should be avoided? Is leasing right for teen drivers who haven't yet established credit histories? How about long-term loans? And how about auto insurance for teenage first-time drivers? We provide answers. Also look at our First Car Guide web site as well as our new article, Best First Car on this web site.

Take Over a Car Lease - Low Payments - No Down Payment

It's possible to lease a practically new car, with no money down, for a short term (1-3 years), by simply taking over the payments from someone who wants out of their lease early. Real bargains are available since "sellers" are often desperate and offer cash incentives. We recently examined a list of lease-takeover vehicles at Swapalease and found some outstanding transfer deals — many late model vehicles for under $200 a month! Luxury cars for less than $400! For more, read our article, Short Term Leasing.

Lease a Luxury Car for Less

Luxury cars have higher lease-end residual values than many other cars, making them the most-leased category of all vehicles - 70% of all luxury cars are leased. It's possible to lease a luxury car for less money than a lower priced ordinary car due to its better residual. Find out how and why in our article, Luxury Car Leasing Explained.

Looking for a Cheap Car?

We frequently get emails asking about the least expensive way to get into a car. Leasing is obviously one of the ways, but we know that leasing is not the right answer for everyone. We explain a number of other ways to find cheap cars in our article, Cheap Cars - Where to Find Them —— You might also consider other articles of interest:   Public Car Autctions,   Buying Repossessed Cars,   Police Impound Auctions,  or Buying Cars at Insurance Auctions. Also take a look at our sister web site, Cheap Cars, where you'll find more specifics and details.

What Dealers Don't Tell You About Car Prices

Dealers prefer to keep customers in the dark about how car prices work. That way, there's more opportunity to extract maximum profit. It's a fact that dealers sell the same vehicle make/model to different customers at widely different prices, depending on how well the customers understand pricing. For more, see our informative article, Dealer Car Price Secrets.

Free Cars. Get Paid to Drive. Really?

Yes — and no. Of course, nothing is really free, but there are advertising companies who will pay you to drive your own car, or provide you a free car to drive. Real people are participating in these real programs. What's the catch? Read our article, Free Cars - Fact or Fiction?, to learn more.

Buy Used Car

Leasing is not always the right answer for people who are looking for an affordable car. Often, a good used car is the best choice. However, buying a used car can be more difficult and problematic than buying or leasing a brand new car. Which cars make the best choices? What to pay? Where are the used car deals? What to check for? How to avoid problems? For answers see our article, How to Buy a Used Car and vist our web site Used Car Advisor.

Salvage Cars for Bargains

Unusual national weather events have created what has become a wave of affected cars, trucks, and other vehicles for sale — possibly with hidden damages. One way, it can be a potential problem for unaware buyers — the other way can present some incredible buying opportunities. Read our articles, Damaged, Flooded, and Salvaged Cars  and  Insurance Salvage Auctions  for more details. Buying Rebuildable Cars is another opportunity for those looking for ways to take some risks and get bargain cars.